Ariana Grande Posted A Tweet And We Managed To Scrape An Article From It


AMERICAN singer and actress Ariana Grande posted a tweet yesterday and we managed to scrape together a 250 word article from it, despite it having little to no importance to the world, other than filling our 3pm slot.

The 23-year-old took to Twitter at 21:15 GMT, carefully orchestrating the 50 character Tweet, minus capital letters, stating ‘y’all are so so good to me. and funny. i love you.’

Following the message, which somehow gained 10, 527 retweets at the time of writing, WWN editor Paddy Brown immediately offered up the scoop to this reporter, instructing me to pen together some sort of mindless dribble about how Ms. Grande is such an inspiration to young women everywhere, and that they should be happy she took the time to grace them with her kind words of appreciation.

On top of this task, I am to include several of the most retweeted, or liked, fan Twitter responses, such as the one below, in a bid to raise fan hopes that their idol can, and does respond to them on occasion.


Further to this, we are obligated to point out that Ms. Grande will be going on a world tour next month, and that we will be reporting every minute detail, including wardrobe malfunctions, Twitter spats, upskirt photographs when she exits a car, fluctuating weight gain and unverified stories based around her private and sexual affairs with men, and/or women – whatever sells really.