AA Roadwatch Warn Parents Of Children Driving Them Up The Wall


A MAJOR traffic warning has been administered by AA Roadwatch after the latest news from Irish roads suggest parents run the risk of being driven up the walls.

“The dangerous conditions out there on the roads, in cars and even at home in bed when you just want to get a bit of fucking shut eye can be perilous, considering the shits aren’t back to school for a few more days,” warned AA Roadwatch’s chief wall-traffic monitor Paul Regan.

The hazardous conditions are said to have been exacerbated by the fact that many parents had taken additional days off after the busy Christmas period to relax and recuperate.

“When you have two people behind the wheel of a family driving simultaneously, arguments can occur regarding which punishment or reward should be handed out, or at an even more basic level – whose turn is it to entertain the cretins, a sharp turn right up the wall is a foregone conclusion,” Regan added.

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) annual awareness campaign surrounding children driving their parents up the wall has been a significant presence on the Nation’s radio and tv channels but many incidents are unavoidable.

“We’ll never 100% eradicate vertical ascensions skyward along the side of a wall, but at the same time, we do ask people take a breath and only allow their children to drive them up the wall if they’re being major pricks,” Angela Daly of the RSA shared with WWN.