WWN Guide To Creating The Perfect Echo Chamber


NOTHING says “I’m right” quite like the resounding support from your social media audience, who you’ve hand-chosen to be the perfect echo chamber for your every thought and notion.

But while the clever ones among you will have blocked, muted and whittled down your Twitter or Facebook audience into a group of people who will like, share and back you up on everything you say and do, there remains a few dummies who have to deal with people challenging their beliefs and viewpoints with beliefs and viewpoints of their own. What sense could that make? You might find yourself on the losing end of an argument! They might challenge just where the fuck you pulled your facts and figures from in your latest rant!

Don’t be a dumbass. Be smart. Build yourself a social media echo chamber with the following easy methods:

Block ’em all

You put up a statement that you believe to be true. Someone challenges you on this. Turns out, you might be wrong. Not only that, you’re about to be taken to school in front of the whole world to see! Don’t want to risk it? Simply hit that block button! With the click of a mouse, you go back to being right again, and that person can never bother you again. Easy!

Echo others

See, it works both ways. If you want someone to back you up on Twitter, then you’ll have to back them up at some point along the way. So be sure to RT, Fav, and generally kiss-up to people who seem to share your points of view, building yourself a nice little network of people standing around in a big virtual circle giving each other a big virtual pat on the back.

Yell ‘TROLL’

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that there aren’t some pretty massive trolls out there, and by no means should you put up with any sort of harassment or bullshit from these people whatsoever. But the accusation of ‘troll’ can be used in instances when someone is not trolling you, just disagreeing with you. A bit like how you could call a woman a witch in Salem and let the mob do the rest. They’ll burn that troll at the stake, and you can go back to being right about everything again.

Follow these rules, and not only will you ever be wrong again, you’ll have someone to talk to when whatever cause you’re supporting fails despite ‘everyone on Twitter agreeing with you’.