Clinton Email Confirms Night On Lash In Dundalk In 2000


EMAILS uncovered by global hacker conglomerate Wikileaks have confirmed that Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill went on an epic session during their visit to Dundalk in December of 2000.

Arriving in ‘the town’ to speak to 60,000 people, then-president Bill Clinton praised Dundalk for their part in cross-border relations and spoke of the influx of investment in the area from American companies such as Xerox.

However, leaked emails have revealed that rather than go straight on up to Dublin as once believed, the Clinton’s went on the lash in the town with a gang of lads from Drogheda before ending up ‘buckled’ in the Fairways at half three in the morning.

“The email was among those we found in a ‘deleted’ folder on Hillary’s old server,” said a spokesperson for Wikileaks.

“In it, she talks about being ‘pure dying’ the next day, after upwards of 9 pints of Harp and ‘a big feed out of Mullens’. This just goes to show how out of control things were during the Clinton administration, and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Who’s to say what else went on that night? Did Bill end up fingering some young one from Muirhevnamor? We can only assume he did”.

Currently on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, Hillary Clinton declined to comment on the allegation, although a look of ‘oh fuck’ crept across her face when it was mentioned.