86,000 People Kinda Used To Boiling Water At This Stage


“IT’S just part of the day,” confirmed Roscommon man Seamus O’Gravan, clicking on his kettle for the 8th time today.

“To be honest, I’m not sure I’d drink water from the tap at this stage. You see people on telly filling a glass from the tap and drinking it and I want to shout ‘yuck, put that fucking poison down!’… you forget that other people don’t have to boil their water, you know?”

WWN are speaking to one of the 86,000 and rising people who are currently under a ‘boil water’ notice, an increase of over double from last year’s 40,000 people living in an area where the water has been deemed unfit for human consumption.

While Irish Water continue to work hard on whether or not they’re going to get paid, homes across the country continue to receive a supply of water that is above the acceptable EPA levels of pesticides and contaminants, forcing thousands of homes to boil their water before they consume it.

But as we found out, these homes have long since given up any hope of the government sorting out the problem, and have ‘kinda gotten used to it’.

“It’s sort of like being on holiday, you know the way you’re not supposed to drink from the tap in Lanzarote?” said O’Gravan, enjoying a nice scalding glass of Mi-Wadi.

“It’s sort of like that, except you’re in Roscommon”.