West Ham V Chelsea Violence Pinned On Russian Hooligans Again


THE English football community has today cursed Russian hooligans for once again tarnishing the good name of English football fans, following an outbreak of violence at an EFL Cup meeting between West Ham and Chelsea last night.

Not content with falsifying eyewitness accounts of some Euro 2016 hooliganism, Russian scumbags are dedicating their time to infiltrating sections of Premier League football club’s hardcore fanbase and making it appear as if they enjoy ‘beating the shit out of each other’.

“Ripping up chairs, throwing punches, terrifying children and ruining their enjoyment of a football match. Yup, there can be no doubt this was an inside job by the Russians,” concluded Dave Richards, spokesperson for The Best League In The World.

In scenes eerily similar to violence seen at Euro 2016, English football fans were minding their own business when Russian hooligans parachuted into the Olympic Stadium to cause trouble.

“Just like the greasy Italians and Spaniards coming over here forcing our players to dive, this is another example of the morally incorruptible force of English football tradition being besmirched by things like video evidence,” Richards added.

While no concrete evidence of Russian involvement in the fighting last night at the Olympic Stadium was found, staunch supporters of the infallible nature of the Premier League said they were under no obligation to find any.

“Typical Russians, innit,” confirmed Richards.

The FA have already confirmed that they did not possess the powers to ban Russian fans from the game and so would take no further actions, and also admitted they were still exhausted for kicking racism out of football.