Couple Seeking House Willing To Do Webcam Show For Landlords


“YOU just have to show that you’re willing to go that extra mile,” said Keith Gernon, angling the webcam on his laptop to give a perfect shot of his bed, where his girlfriend Cathy Wilson is already waiting.

“We haven’t left the house without a cash deposit with us for the past four months, just so we can grab any property that comes available to rent. But we’re always beaten to it… so we’ve decided to try something new”.

Gernon and Wilson, both 27, are speaking exclusively to WWN about their difficulties in securing a one bedroom flat in Dublin city centre, and have decided to offer potential landlords a daily sex video broadcast live over a webcam in a bid to give them the ‘edge’ over other renters.

“The minute a flat goes up on Daft, we mail the landlord and put on a bit of a show for them, letting them know there’s more where that came from,” said Wilson, undressing quickly in a bid to secure a bedsit above a butcher’s shop which just got listed at €1,800 a month.

“If you think you’re going to just show up and get the place, forget it. It’s like trying to get bread in Russia in the 80s. We don’t even bother going to viewings now, we just send over a sexy clip and take it from there”.

While landlords are open to webcam shows as part of their letting packages, people looking to buy a house rather than rent in Dublin must agree to sign up for a 24-hour Truman Show style existence with cameras in every room of the house.