How Brexit Impacts Your Trip North To Buy Fireworks


WITH Britain’s plans to exit the EU now entering the ‘holy shit they’re really gonna do it’ stage, many people in the Republic have expressed concerns about the possible negative effects this will have for their plans to fly up to Newry for Black Cats and Squealers.

“I know the pound is falling against the euro, so I should do alright in that regard, but most fireworks are imported to Britain, so the costs could rise because of that,” said Drogheda youth Mark Conlon, who just wants a few air bombs to let off on the bus to school next week.

“I was going to head up on Saturday, the lads at school had given me cash and their lists so I was getting them for everyone. But if the prices have risen from last year, I won’t be able to get what everyone wants with the money I have. An announcement needs to be made to quell panic in the fireworks market”.

Teenagers, gurriers and pups across Ireland are currently studying the NASDAQ to see how the pound performs against the yen in the next few days, and will make their investment plans accordingly. But as Conlon states, they may have no choice than to fall victim to market turmoil.

“We have no choice but to head north due to the stupid restrictions on fireworks in the south,” sighed Conlon.

“You can’t go out on Halloween and cause chaos with sparklers and fun snaps. We may have to take a hit on things this year, there’s nothing else we can do”.