US & Russia Agree To Produce 7th Season Of Popular TV Show ‘Syrian War’


GREAT NEWS for fans of the ever popular television drama Syrian War today, after US & Russian backers agreed to fund a seventh season of the show, following a shaky end to the last series that nearly brought the whole production to a hault.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, producers of the show confirmed that a seventh season is ‘definitely on the cards’ and will begin filming in 2017.

“We’re very excited about this as we have secured both Michael Bay and JJ. Abrams to direct some episodes,” said spokesman for the show, John Kerry, “The show will contain a lot more explosions and will have a far greater budget than any of the previous seasons, due to our backers in Russia also contributing”.

In what was hailed as an eventful season finalé in September, which ended with a temporary ceasefire jeopardising the show, season 6 producer Steven Spielberg said he cannot wait to see what the new directors bring to the table, and voiced his delight at the even bigger budget.

“We’re going to wipe Aleppo off the map this season,” joked Spielberg, whose employers US Government Productions funded such classics as Invading Iraq and Destabilizing Libya, “It will be interesting to see what Michael and JJ do with this. The budget is huge, so this could go anywhere. There might be even scope for a WWIII spin off… if we’re lucky”.

Already, production scouts have begun looking for extras in Syria, but admit to finding it hard to source young actors as they’ve all moved away or being killed off in previous seasons.

So far, Sky News, CNN, BBC and FOX news have all shown interest in the new series, and expect even greater ratings than last year.

“British Petroleum will sponsor our coverage,” Sky News CEO Sam Chisholm confirmed, “Everyone in Sky News is so excited about this. Kay Burley is like a 12-year-old child on Christmas morning here. Roll on 2017”.

Syrian War season 7 is to air nightly from March 2017.