“Only Idiots Like My Voters Pay Taxes” – Trump


FOLLOWING on from revelations in a New York Times report, which claimed that presidential candidate Donald Trump allegedly has not paid income tax since 1995, the Republican nominee has hit back in predictable fashion.

Outraged by the biased media’s approach to facts Trump spoke out at a number of rallies today, pulling no punches in his evisceration of the liberal publication.

“Believe me, if being openly racist, pernicious and moronic isn’t going to lose me votes, you’re kidding me if you think not paying income tax will make a blind bit of difference to these numbskulls, believe me, it won’t. I have the most idiotic supporters, I do, I really do, it’s true,” Trump said to rapturous applause from his supporters.

It is alleged Trump used a loss of over $900 million in 1995 to shelter subsequent earnings from income tax, a move which can only further endear him to the large swathes of working class Americans he claims to represent.

The clinically obese orange mass has also long been a critic of the estimated 47% of Americans who do not pay tax, many of whom are simply too poor to meet the minimum threshold, and the alleged billionaire’s curt tone did not change at rallies today.

“It’s a disgrace that these people don’t pay tax, and believe me, the country is falling apart because of them. I, on the other hand am a genius, many people have said it, Trump is a genius for not paying income tax. Paying income tax is for the alienated and angry idiots like you people in the crowd today who are fighting so hard just to survive, it’s true, you’re all idiots,” Trump added as cries of ‘Trump, Trump, Trump’ rang out at the rally.

Trump then took the unprecedented step of punching himself in the face repeatedly for over 30 minutes, which his campaign staff later clarified was further evidence of their candidate’s unrivaled genius.