Local Woman Has Had Halloween Costume Planned For 12 Months


WITH Halloween just around the corner, one Waterford woman is putting the final touches to a fancy dress costume that has been in the planning for over 12 months, WWN can exclusively confirm.

Karen Meehan, 27, began preparation on her Halloween 2016 outfit before last year’s Halloween, and explained how the idea formed in her head.

“Last year I went as Lydia from Beetlejuice, and while I was getting that costume together, I had a great idea for this year,” said Meehan, buying €137 worth of stuff in Claire’s Accessories.

“It was agonising having to wait so long to dress up again, but it gave me time to properly get the stuff I need to go out on Halloween night and get drunk in the pub while looking brilliant”.

Although most of her friends simply opt to buy a ready-made ‘sexy’ costume a week before Halloween, Meehan prefers to put a bit of effort into what she wears on her ‘favourite night of the year’.

“It’s like my Christmas,” said the fully grown woman, while sewing together an elaborate headpiece at 3 in the morning.

“So I wouldn’t just go dressed as a sexy bumblebee or a sexy Microsoft Word Paperclip or whatever. It has to be something unique and amazing and look great and not fit in a taxi and take up way too much space in the pub”.

Despite the best attempts of WWN to find out exactly what Meehan was dressing up as, she firmly told us that we’d ‘have to wait, it’s a surprise’.