Shit About To Go Down On Dancefloor As Wedding Guest Takes Off Tie


REVELLERS on the dancefloor of a Waterford wedding were on high alert at the weekend, after one guest loosened his tie just enough to let everyone know that ‘oh yeah, this shit just got real’.

Tramore native Sean O’Massey had maintained his decorum throughout the wedding ceremony of his friend Pat Shefflin to Jane Farrell, and also kept a lid on himself throughout the meal and the speeches.

With his top button still done up and his tie still impeccably tied, O’Massey was among the 100 guests who clapped and welcomed the newly weds onto the floor for their first dance as a married couple at approximately 8:45 GMT, after which the 35-year-old was seen to untie his top button and loosen his tie by 40mm or so, signifying to the congregation that they need to ‘stand the fuck back, this is happening’.

“A day of drinking kicked in all at once when that tie got loosened,” said one onlooker.

“It was like the tie was holding all the drink in Sean’s head, then when he untightened it, the alcohol just surged through his system. It was an instant transformation, from mild-mannered wedding guest happily enjoying a beautiful day, to someone who could dance to any song for any length of time, rhythm bedamned”.

The situation escalated later in the night when ‘Walk of Life’ came on, at which point O’Massey’s tie went from around his neck to around his forehead in less than a second.