Clothes ‘Went Up Clean’ On Child This Morning, Insists Mother


A WATERFORD mother has strenuously denied claims that she dressed her 7-year old-son in dirty clothes this morning, claiming that the child was spotless when he left for school.

Carol Brennan, 38, was forced to call a press conference to clarify the issue, amid fears that her neighbours and friends would think that she had failed her son Oisinn by allowing him to wear mud-stained trousers and a jumper with a bit of yoghurt on it, instead of being clean and tidy like his classmates.

It was Carol herself that drew attention to ‘the dirt’ of Oisinn as she collected him at three o’clock at St. Justin’s NS, Dungarvan, with many believing that expressing shock at her son’s grubby appearance was a tactic aimed at absolving her from blame.

This forced Brennan to passionately argue that Oisinn’s clothes were put up clean on him this morning, adding that she had ‘no idea’ what he does be at.

“Her story has some holes in it,” said Janice King, who chats to Brennan while they wait for their kids to leave school.

“If he was clean this morning, then how come 6 hours later, he’s dirty? It doesn’t add up. How would a small boy not maintain his cleanliness while running about at school? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much”.

Brennan was also forced by nobody to explain the hole in the knee of his trousers, opting for a classic ‘he’s very hard on trousers’ defence.