WWN Guide To Changing A Baby


PARENTHOOD can have its ups and downs; the sleepless nights, sterilising bottles, constantly worrying for someone else apart from yourself, it can really take it out of you. But the one thing every parent hates doing is changing their baby. Thankfully, we have put together this handy step-by-step guide to help you through this very difficult process.

Preparation is key, so make sure you have all the right gear ready, including plenty of nappies, baby wipes, several baby grows and whatever formula and bottles they need to stay alive.

From experience, we have found that maternity, or children’s hospitals are great places to change your child. They have everything you need and no one will question you when you walk in there with your child. You are, after all, a parent. And people stupidly trust parents.

Depending on the age of your baby, it is important that you locate a similar sized child, preferably one that looks like yours, but you don’t have to be too precise. Let’s face it: they all look the same.

Once you’ve found your mark, wait for the right moment to swap the two children. Pick a child that isn’t crying. I mean, the whole point of this is to swap a noisy, annoying baby for a quiet one. Why else would you be doing this, right? Plus, you don’t want to sound off any alarms in the hospital.

Found the perfect match? Great! Now quickly slide off that hospital wristband, and put it on the old baby, the one you don’t want anymore. That’s it. Feed them with the bottle if they try to wake up or cry. Nicely done. Now, make the swap and calmly walk out of there like everything is cool. It is cool. This is cool. You’re cool. Look at you with your new cool baby. Sorted.

Please feel free to use this handy guide again and again, until you get the desired baby you want.

Happy changing.