Americans Told To Leave Brain At The Door And Just Enjoy Next 4 Years


US CITIZENS have been advised ahead of the upcoming presidential election to relax, switch off their brain, and just try to enjoy the next four years.

It is hoped that the same tactic that helps hundreds of thousands of people worldwide enjoy even the most plot-free, meaningless blockbuster movies will soon be enough to help millions of Americans cope with whatever the repercussions of electing Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump as the next president.

With both Clinton and Trump both being generously described as ‘the best of a bad lot’, very few people have much faith that the 45th president of the United States will bring much to the table in terms of stability, growth, and international peace and calm.

However, it is hoped that in much the same way as some people were able to enjoy Transformers 4 despite its many shortcomings, people might just be able to make it through to 2020 with their sanity intact.

“This isn’t going to be a good presidency, but just leave your brain at the door and you might enjoy it” said one political commentator.

“Sit there, munch your popcorn, be thankful that you’re not out in the rain… the time will fly. A lot of it will make no sense. And yeah, it’s a poor follow-on to the presidency behind it. But when you study it, that one wasn’t much good either and you got through it alright, well, most of you”.

Should the thoughts of the next few years overwhelm some citizens, smuggling a naggin of vodka in with them has been advised.