Britain To Take A Year Out And Go Travelling Before Triggering Article 50


BRITISH Prime Minister Theresa May confirmed today that the United Kingdom in its entirety is to take a year out and go travelling in a bid to find themselves, before triggering article 50.

Speaking this morning from the House of Commons, Mrs. May hinted that South America will be the first port-of-call for the country, with Thailand and New Zealand also on the cards.

“We have to stop over to the Falklands and say hello to our long lost cousins,” the leader of the Conservative Party opened up, “we can also climb Kilimanjaro, maybe visit Machu Picchu and a few other places that everyone goes to discover themselves. We have to try Ayahuasca.

“India is meant to be great too, but we might want to scrap that journey for obvious reasons”.

The proposal, which was met with hordes of ‘here here’s’ from government ministers, is expected to help the United Kingdom figure out what ‘this whole thing is about’, and develop the nation’s rapport with foreigners, something which has deteriorated rapidly over the past decade.

“We won’t know ourselves when we come back from our year out,” the now very optimistic PM added, “a change is as good as a rest, and boy do we need a nice time out of this rat race, before we trigger whatever article 50 is”.

Britain is expected to fly to Amsterdam on Friday, where it will board a connecting flight to New York, and then on to Rio De Janeiro for a backpacking trip around the Amazon. The sovereign state is due back in September 18th, 2017, but won’t start back to work until a week later due to jet lag and the promise of a few pints with Ireland upon their return.