Central Bank Donated To Irish Museum Of Fuck Ups


A GENEROUS anonymous donor has gifted the Central Bank building to the Irish Museum of Fuck Ups after meeting the €60 million plus valuation placed on the Temple Bar building.

Disastrous changes to financial regulation in the early 2000s spearheaded by Bertie Ahern followed by the subsequent collapse of Irish banks makes the soon to be former-location of the Central Bank the ideal exhibit for the Fuck Up museum, the anonymous donor wrote in the a letter the museum.

“I have no idea where we’ll put it, we ran out of room ages ago,” head curator of the Irish Museum of Fuck Ups, Martin Cally, told WWN.

“Suppose if we take the redress scheme for the survivors of the Magdelene Laundries off the wall and put it by the tribunal of inquiry into the Kerry Babies case, it might just fit,” a visibly overworked Cally added, surveying some the 2,450 rooms in the museum.

Cally and his team had previously exhibited the €2.65 million in rent the Central Bank pays to a US property vulture fund that pays no tax in Ireland as a part of a fuck up retrospective earlier this year.

“Fuck it, we’ll just have to build a whole new wing for the Central Bank,” Cally concluded, while pulling clumps of his hair from his head.