Are Your Memes Dank Enough? We Investigate


WHILE many of us are still struggling with the pronunciation of ‘meme’, a new problem has emerged; dank memes, and the level of dankness contained within.

Memes, a combination of words and pictures, have become the number one form of art in the world, with over 90,000 being shared at any given time.

In recent years, humourous memes have made billions of internet dollars for millions of meme-sharing sites across the world, until the recent appearance of mysterious ‘dank memes’, which nobody really knows much about.

“Are dank memes good? Are they bad? Who knows?” said one Carlow man we spoke to, who regularly uses the internet for looking things up.

“It’s so hard to tell what the fuck is going on. I seen one comment that was like ‘wow, that’s one dank meme!’ and another that was like ‘wow, that’s one dank meme!’… but you could tell the tone was different. It was hard to say who thought it was good, and who thought it was bad. It has thrown my meme game for a loop, I tell ya”.

If you have concerns that your memes may be too dank, appropriately dank, or not dank enough, please just go ahead and post them on any public forum and an answer will appear in the comments section with little delay.