Taylor Swift Pictured With 34 New Boyfriends After Split From Tom Hiddleston


FORMER beloved queen of the internet and champion of totally ‘getting you’, Taylor Swift, is swiftly getting over her hot hunk chunk of beau be man ham Tom Hiddleton, according to the latest tabloid reports.

Despite laying on egregious public displays of affection with actor Hiddleton in recent months, reports confirmed that Swift’s relationship with the Thor star was over. However, far from being heartbroken, the chronic dater of human men is said to have moved on to 34 more new boyfriends in the minutes after the break up.

“Swift pictured with a harem of men, just can’t get enough” read one TMZ captioned photo beneath a picture of Swift queuing at an ATM with her father, “sources close to our insider in Swift’s camp confirmed that a friend who didn’t want to be named saw Swift on a 34-person date with Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber and 32 equally headline worthy males,” the TMZ report added.

The Shake It Off singer was clearly wasting no time letting the world know she was over Hiddleton after she allowed herself to be pictured outdoors from a series of long lens cameras which were hidden in bushes several hundred feet away.

While the Daily Mail had yet to produce the relevant pictures it assured its avid readership that they would have a picture of Taylor Shift with no make up on that it would use ‘to insinuate that she was a literal bag of shit, who was worthless now she was without a man’.

In a stunning revelation Swift was also pictured with her mouth open, leading to speculation she was singing one of 400 break up songs she had written about her break up.