SICK! Online Trolls Body Shamed This Misshapen Carrot


DISGUSTING online trolls have bombarded a carrot with abusive messages after after a picture taken of the carrot went viral online earlier this week.

After becoming an internet sensation for its body-positive image, the carrot, photographed in a Tesco’s vegetable aisle, has been on the receiving end of countless abusive messages regarding its non-traditional shape.

“Ugh, I’d never eat that,” remarked one sicko, who took time out from his day to heap abuse on the strong and confident carrot who had only been in the country two days after being imported from Spain.

“Imagine eating that in a salad, or a stew. Eh, no thank you,” chimed in another user below a picture of the carrot, adding to masses of comments which sought to shame the Spanish native.

“I’m just a carrot for fuck’s sake, lay off,” the carrot shared with WWN, pleading with trolls to cease their tirades.

“It’s not just the trolls though, for years the EU were telling me my shape was less than normal, something to reject,” the carrot added, alluding to the EU regulation that required all misshapen vegetables to be disregarded and destroyed.

The brave carrot received considerable support online after speaking out about trolls.

“The carrot is right, who are people to dictate to us what a carrot should or shouldn’t look like, it’s a disgrace,” one online supporter shared with WWN.