Waterford Man Poses As A Multinational Business In Order To Pay Fuck All Tax


A LOCAL businessman in the Waterford area of Europe has disguised himself as a multinational business plying its trade in Ireland to pay what economic experts have referred to as ‘fuck all tax’.

“Don’t tell anyone boi, but ya can take the absolute piss if you pretend yer one of dem companies that does be employing loads of foreign computer lads in Dublin,” Dunmore East resident and electrician Barry Lynch explained to WWN.

Capitalising on the government’s reluctance to cut off certain tax loopholes regularly utilised by multinationals operating in Ireland, Lynch is confident he can call the government’s bluff by telling them he will pull the plug on his ‘Irish operations’ if there is any significant change in tax regulations.

“I got meself a letter box and that’s where Barry Lynch International has its headquarters, I’m raking it in now that I’m using a designation really meant for charities. You’ve got to try it boi, some craic,” Lynch added, revealing that he now pays just €300 tax on earnings of close to €40,000.

Lynch has followed in the footsteps of Goldman Sachs, Mars Capital, CarVal and Cerberus by ensuring he pays next to no tax as he places his earning into an SPV.

“I’m not on the level of them multinationals, but you’ve got to admire their balls like, they couldn’t give a fuck,” Lynch concluded.