Do You Have The Proper Amount Of Previous Convictions?


A DAMNING new study has shown that 1 in 5 Irish people do not have enough previous criminal convictions, with many having none whatsoever.

While hundreds of career-criminals on our streets at the moment have racked up dozens of previous convictions over the years, many citizens have yet to get as much as an unpaid speeding fine on their docket.

Although the average amount of convictions in certain parts of the country soars to around 57 convictions per head, the lack of any previous wrong-doing by the majority of the country pulls this average down to 1 conviction per capita.

Despite assurances from the Irish justice system on a near-daily basis that previous convictions do not pose any sort of implication on your life in any way whatsoever, many Irish people are continuing to avoid illegal activity like the plague.

“You always hear on the news about someone getting a suspended sentence despite having 90 previous convictions, and you say ‘damn, I should get some myself’. But I just don’t have the time to commit crimes right now,” said one law-abiding citizen we spoke to.

“I know that for my age, I should really have at least 20 convictions for assault, robbery, theft, sexual misconduct, anything at all… but it’s hard to juggle my work and looking after my family with the time it would take to hang around doing nothing all day except committing petty crimes”.

The government has been challenged over the shocking figures, and have pledged to cut Garda funding even further in a bid to drive up statistics.