Lovin’ Waterford: 5 Simple Ways To Let Someone Know You’re Thinking Of Them


THE digital age has robbed us of the simple joy of receiving things in the post; how many of you will have a shoebox full of love letters to look back over when your partner leaves you for someone younger? Not many, we’re guessing. All you’ll have is a few text messages on an old Nokia phone that you can’t turn on because you lost the charger.

Posting something to someone is still the best way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them. It takes time and effort to send something by old-fashioned mail, but the look on their face when they open that package is 100% worth it. Here’s a few things you could try…

1) A mysterious white powder

An envelope of white powder, anything from talc to baking soda to flour, will really change someone’s day. They don’t have to know it was you who sent it, but they’ll know that someone out there is thinking about them enough to risk a place on a terrorist watch list.

2) Photos of them taken with a long lens

Picture the face on that co-worker who pipped you to a promotion when they open an envelope and are greeted by a picture of themselves taken from 500 yards away. Picture their face when they get a similar photo every day for the next year. They won’t know why someone is taking their picture in the park and mailing it to them… that’s why it’s such a special thing to do!

3) A bullet

You can buy or find bullets and shotgun cartridges all around Ireland. So, why don’t you send one to that guy who used to make fun of your shoes in primary school? Your parents couldn’t afford to buy you trendy runners, but at least today you can afford to send him something in the post that says ‘hey, someone out there knows where you live’.

4) Hair

Your hair, someone else’s hair, some hair you found, some hair you’ve collected; whatever hair you can get, stick in an envelope and send it to someone. It doesn’t even have to be someone you know. You can just send hair to a stranger, if you feel like it. You can keep it up for years.

5) Instructions

It’s the letter they’ve been waiting for; a photo of their loved one with a recent newspaper, and specific instructions as to what to do next. Some things are just best when they’re posted!