Local Boxing ‘Expert’ Never Rated Katie Taylor Anyway


FOLLOWING Katie Taylor’s surprise loss to Finland’s Mira Potkonen and exit from the Rio Olympics, passionate know it all and Waterford native Nigel Flanagan confirmed he never rated her anyway.

“Her movement wasn’t up to scratch, and her jibs weren’t dynamic enough,” Flanagan said, using the word ‘jib’ instead of ‘jab’ for some reason. Flanagan would not be drawn on speculation from people who know him, who say he is a ‘contrary bollocks who doesn’t know when to shut up’.

The 30-year-old Taylor, a 5-time World Boxing Champion whose achievements transcended the sport, is not one of the greatest ever amateur female boxers in the history of the sport according to Flanagan due to the fact she suffered a loss today.

“Ah, have to say, never rated her,” the Waterford man stated on social media, citing his vast knowledge of pugilism which stretches from watching Taylor four years ago in the gold medal bout in London to watching her a second time earlier this afternoon.

“She just isn’t as good as people say,” Flanagan continued, ignoring Taylor’s 6 European Amateur Championships, 5 European Union Amateur Championships and 1 Olympic gold medal.

Flanagan confirmed that he would take to social media again later this evening to expand on his point by bringing Billy Walsh’s absence from Team Ireland’s boxing team into focus, despite his direct coaching of Taylor being limited.