AIB To Give €1.76Bn Owed To The State Back To Public Via ATM Giveaways


THE public has until the end of the day to collect their share of the €1.76 billion loan repayment AIB are paying back to the State, WWN can confirm.

AIB has foregone the traditional route of depositing the money directly into the public coffers and has instead taken to randomly spouting free cash out of their ATMs as a way of making it up to the public for being complicit in the financial ruination of the country.

“It’s our way of giving back,” head of PR at AIB Angus McAnuff, ” basically we’re saying sorry about needing the money in the first place, and what better way to show we’re sorry than by firing cash out of the ATMs”.

A deadline of midnight tonight is in place for those wanting to get their hands on the cash, with the instructions on how to make some quick bundles fairly straightforward.

“Just pop your pin in at our ATMs and say ‘please, please, please don’t be broke’ in the say way you would when checking your balance after a night out and if any of the €1.76 billion is left you should be showered in sweet sweet cash,” McAnuff added.

AIB also informed that somewhere, in some small print the public is required to put all monies given out towards an overpriced house with crippling mortgage repayments.