“Caution Wet Paint” – Blue Wall Lashes Out Over Cian Healy Comments


THE BLUE wall at the centre of a heated ‘repeal the 8th’ debate has broken its silence today after Irish rugby international Cian Healy chastised it in a vile racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic and misogynistic tweet, which read “Ya ain’t alternative unless you’re in front of a blue wall these days”.

The Project Arts Centre wall was thrown into the spotlight after a ‘repeal the 8th’ mural in Dublin city centre, painted by Irish artist Maser, was removed from its surface following a warning notice from Dublin City Council.

Remaining silent for over 2 days, the 49-year-old concrete structure had no choice but to respond to Healy’s tweet with a furious warning to the disgusting rugby player, who would probably eat kittens if given the chance.

“Caution wet paint,” the wall openly stated, sending Twitter into meltdown and forcing Cian Healy to apologise over his horrible comment.

“I would like to apologise to the blue wall for my ill-timed joke,” Healy replied, sobbing profusely into a wet hanky, “if I had known the paint was still wet on the wall I would have never had made those comments. It was too soon and I have rightly deleted my horrible observation. I have also handed in my resignation to the IRFU and booked myself into a suicide clinic in Switzerland”.

So far over 12,786 news articles have been written about the incident, guaranteeing its place in Reeling In The Years 2016. The hashtag #RePeelTheWall is also trending on Twitter.

Met Éireann have also issued a severe storm in a tea cup weather warning for Twitter for the next 24 hours.