We Speak To The Ghostwriter Behind THAT Melania Trump Speech


FOLLOWING recent revelations that Melania Trump’s speech ‘accidentally’ plagiarised sections of a speech given by Michelle Obama, ghostwriter Meredith McIver, real name Sam Wheat, exclusively talks to WWN about his mistakes, and long history with the Trump organisation.

Meeting Sam at a secret location in a New York City warehouse, we were surprised at his faded complexion, and first asked if we could get him some water.

“I haven’t drank or eaten in 26 years,” Sam began, illuminated slightly by an unknown light source, “To be honest, I don’t really appear much to anyone anymore and I’m very nervous about this whole thing. Have you seen Molly?”

Ignoring his question, Mr. Wheat explained that he has written for Donald Trump since the early 90s, but has never been paid for his work.

“Money is useless to me, I just do it to pass the time, are you sure you haven’t seen Molly?” he persisted, “Donald said he’d give me Molly back, once he’s president of the United States”.

Awkwardly, the ghostwriter broke down into tears, detailing the last two and a half decades of abuse at the hands of the Trump organisation.

“I write most of Donald’s material. His sons’ and daughter’s too. I’m basically a slave for the Trumps. They promised they would find Molly for me, but they never did, so I retaliated when writing Melania’s speech”.

At this stage it was becoming clear that Sam was yet another victim of the billionaire family, and had been taken to the very edge of existence.

“Sometimes Donald does pottery naked and asks me to spoon him from behind and whisper nice things in his ear,” a now overly emotional Sam blurted, his spirit fading with every breath, “all I want is Molly! I love you Molly! Can you hear me?”

With that, our ghostwriter was gone as quickly as he appeared, our interview was over. I couldn’t help but wonder: ‘was Molly real? Was Sam real. Is the Trump family harbouring talented vulnerable people for their own gain? How good can Donald Trump be at pottery?’