Average Salary Of An Accountant Still The Most Exciting Thing About An Accountant


NEWS that the average salary of a chartered accountant in Ireland has climbed to over €100,000, has served as another reminder their sizeable income is still the most compelling thing about them.

While engaging in interesting small talk with accountants has always been rumoured to occur occasionally, but never proven, sustained levels of amusing exchanges have become more elusive than sightings of the Loch Ness monster.

“It is correct to assert that the average salary of chartered accountants now stands at €109,000, yes” explained head of PR at Hey, Accountants Can Be Fun Too (HACBFT) Peter Hildegard.

“But we would disagree strongly that this remains the most interesting thing about accountants. You know, some of us have been known to stay up passed at 11pm on a school night,” Hildegard continued, almost injecting some personality into what he was saying.

For many people slogging away at a 9-to-5 job, an accountant’s salary will elicit strong reactions of jealousy, however, Hildegard and HACBFT are determined to transform accountants somewhat unjustified reputation as boring shites, stating there is more to them than just their sizeable salaries.

“No, it is incorrect to state that when becoming an accountant you sign a pact with the Devil which sees you exchange your personality with him for a solid career with solid earnings and stability. That would suggest accountants have personalities to exchange in the first place,” Hildegard joked for what 9th time in his life.