The Touching Moment These Nordies Headed To The Republic To Buy Cheap Drink For First Time


THERE were poignant scenes at the border yesterday, as a group of lads from Newry made their first timid journey to Dundalk to stock up on cheap cans for the first time.

Sean Maguire, 27, and his pals Richie Lennon and James Haskill, both 26, were among the first people in Northern Ireland to travel south of the border to buy drink following the plummeting value of the pound in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Meekly entering an off-licence in Dundalk town centre, the trio were initially confused and startled by the Euro pricing, and had to seek assistance from staff in order to make sure they knew exactly what they were paying for.

The transaction, so familiar to southerners after years of heading north to fill the boot with drink, was an alien and unnerving experience for the nordies, who may have to get very familiar with the process from now on.

“We’d always see a free state registered yoke parked at the Buttercrane every weekend, full to the brim with slabs of cans,” said Maguire, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“We never thought that we’d have to make the journey the other way. It’s a little bit annoying that the ‘leave’ voters didn’t take Northern Ireland into consideration, and the fact that we could now be facing the return of border checkpoints, a destabilised Good Friday agreement, and the need to head south if we want the best value in tins of Carlsberg”.