WWN Guide To Getting Started On Snapchat


SNAPCHAT: you may be too old for it, but don’t let that stop you getting involved. Originally conceived as a way to let teenagers send each other pictures of their genitals without fear of them going viral around the world, Snapchat has evolved over the years into a social media thing… we’re not very sure ourselves, we just hear people talking about it all the time. But it is another way to yell your opinion online, and who doesn’t love doing that? Let’s get started!

Sign up

Just like you signed up for Bebo, then signed up for MySpace when Bebo got shit, then signed up for Facebook when MySpace got shit, then signed up for Twitter when Facebook got shit, you can now sign up to Snapchat. Simply fill out your profile details, and pick a name. No, that name is taken. And that one too. Make put an underscore between you names. Maybe put your date of birth at the end there.

Get involved

Ok, you’re now on Snapchat. First things first, get on all your other social media platforms and issue a decree stating you’re on a new social media platform. Your Twitter, your Facebook, Instagram, the whole lot. What you want is for everyone that follows you on these older platforms to come add you on Snapchat too. It’s not enough that they see pictures of what you had for lunch on multiple channels as it is; they must see you on one more. You’ve got shit to say! Important shit!

Where’s the porn?

Where’s the porn and the skin pics? We were told that there’d be nudes. Where are the nudes?

Ditch Snapchat

Snapchat is over. Lemonhedge is where it’s at right now. Are you not on Lemonhedge? Ah go on, sign up. Add us on WWN_LEMONHEDGE1980xXx.