Local Woman’s Book Club Actually Just A Massive Piss-Up


THE ratio of book-discussion to wine-intake at a Waterford woman’s weekly book club currently sits at around 90:10 in favour of drinking, making claims like ‘it’s all about the joys of reading’ even harder to believe than ever before.

The 6-woman get-together in Jennifer Harrison’s Dungarvan home starts at 8pm every Wednesday with a fifteen minute discussion about the book they read that week, followed by three straight hours of downing gallon after gallon of wine, before falling out the door at two in the morning.

Keith Harrison, Jennifer’s husband, is forced to vacate the entire downstairs of the house throughout the duration of the event, and confided in WWN that “there doesn’t seem to be a whole pile of reading going on down there”.

“I had to come up here tonight because herself has the girls round to discuss the latest Cecelia Ahearn book,” said Keith, who has been upstairs in his room all night where the WiFi is cat altogether.

“For a group of women discussing literature, they sure as fuck sound like a hen party on a Ryanair flight to Newcastle. And I’m not sure that a roundtable talk about the characters in the novel require Jennifer to come up here, shit-faced, and root around in the closet because she ‘wants to show the girls the new boots she got in the sales'”.

Ms. Harrison was unavailable for comment this morning, as she was dying with a hangover, probably from reading too much.