Woman Who Hasn’t Been Threatened Online With Rape Wondering What She’s Doing Wrong


“I’VE been using Twitter now for about 4 hours now, and unlike many of my female friends I’ve yet to be threatened with rape or violence,” explained avid social media user Karen Higgins.

Karen (19), who is active on a variety of social media platforms noticed she was having a less than full experience online after learning of the abuse and vitriol all of her friends were receiving from men for next to no reason.

“After a while you do internalise it, and ask ‘what it is other women who are simply using social media doing that I am not?'” Karen shared, her confidence clearly suffering as a result.

“And it’s not like I haven’t tried. I’ve done all the things that seem to anger anonymous people online. I’ve shared an article about women in business, I’ve commented on a story about female genital mutilation. I even said I enjoy computer games, but nothing. No threats so far. I just want to fit in with other women, I feel like an outcast,” Karen added.

WWN reached out to abhorrent anonymous trolls on the internet for comment, and they were unequivocal in their apologies to Karen.

“We regret that Karen hasn’t felt violated by anonymous strangers online yet, but trust us when we say we’re doing everything in our power to make as many women as possible feel scared and violated to the point that they feel they should just stop giving their opinions in public forums,” @positive_life69 shared with WWN.

“The last thing in the world we would have wanted was Karen to think that we didn’t have a deep seethed hatred for her just because she was a woman. If she could just have a bit of patience, we’ll finally get around to telling her she should be killed and discarded in a river or something like that,” @positive_life69 concluded.