Anders Breivik Finally Completes Spyro The Dragon


ANDERS Behring Breivik has announced that after months of complaining about having to make do with just having a Playstation 2 in his cell instead of a Playstation 4, he has made the best of a bad situation by completing the 3d platform game Spyro: Enter The Dragon.

Brevik was convicted and sentenced for the murders of 77 people in July of 2011, following a bomb attack and a shooting spree in Oslo, Norway.

The extreme right-wing activist has hit out at the conditions in which he is forced to carry out his 21 year sentence, stating that having a laptop with no access to the internet and “only” a Playstation 2 are an affront to his human rights.

However, Breivik has recently called off a planned hunger strike protest and just gotten on with the console he has, and after several weeks of serious gaming has managed to complete the adorable platformer.

“The trick is to be careful when jumping,” claimed Brevik, making his trademark Nazi salute “You have to collect all the items and avoid the bad guys while making sure your jumps don’t make you fall down into any of the holes. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be spreading right-wing propaganda on the internet and encouraging others to take up arms like I did, but this will have to do for now”.

UPDATE: Prison officials have announced that Brevik has been using an “infinite lives” cheat code, a direct violation of prison rules which could see the mass-murderer receive a ten minute time-out.