New Government Break Previous Fianna Fáil Record For Most Future Broken Promises


THE NEWLY formed minority government has put in a stunningly productive first week in charge, formulating a programme for government, which experts believe has surpassed the previous Fianna Fáil record for broken promises, WWN has learned.

Senior Fianna Fáil figures are said to be glad to be rid of the tag of the government that promised the most and delivered the least, with newly installed Fine Gael ministers being given much of the credit for wrestling the title from their civil war rivals.

“We know we’ve set an ambitious target for ourselves, but really feel we can break virtually all of these promises as time goes on,” a spokesperson for the government told WWN.

Political commentators have been impressed with the government’s work so far.

“Oh, this is vague promises 101. If I was a betting man I’d say Enda had the lads watching old Dáil footage of Bertie when he lead his Fianna Fáil/PD government to over 4,000 broken promises,” explained political anorak Eamon Kennedy.

Paschal Donohoe became just the 1,235th Irish politician since 1992 to confirm there will be another referendum on abortion without providing enough concrete facts to be held accountable as the proposed referendum is continued to be put off

“And what’s most astonishing is that it took that crooked shower in Fianna Fáil 2 years to build up those promises, it’s only taken Enda the one week. Impressive stuff,” Kennedy added.

News of revolutionary changes to the HSE, the commitment to establishing 400 new non-religious schools and countless other promises by the government will easily ensure a further angered public when none of these things promises are delivered on or are delivered to the same high standards as Irish Water’s roll out.