Broken-Up Couple To Only Ride Each Other Four Or Five More Times


FOLLOWING the arrival at a mutual decision that they hated each others guts, one Waterford couple have signed an agreement to break up immediately, with four or five more conditional sexual encounters included in the fine print.

Sharon Comisky and Neil Kinnan had been an item for nearly 6 years, since they went to each other’s debs in their hometown of Dungarvan.

However, irreconcilable differences between the two meant that a break-up was essential to their future plans, and the pair agreed to separate earlier this year.

With no sign of the pair ever getting back together, they have managed to avoid each other at all times except for a couple of occasions where they met up at three in the morning to “bang the goodness” out of each other, with 3 of their proposed 5 more rides already used up.

“Neil’s birthday, the anniversary of Sharon’s mother’s death, and one time when the two of them bumped into each other in a nightclub and just got to it out the back,” recalled Sean Campbell, legal council to the estranged pair.

That leaves them with only one or two remaining rides, which you would think would be plenty for two people who are totally over each other. I’m assuming they’ll be saving one for well down the line, in 6 or 7 years when they’re both married to other people. That’s usually how these things go”.

UPDATE: Since going to print, Comisky and Kinnan have used up their two remaining rides.