Actually We’ll Have Another Election Thanks, Electorate Tells Dáil


AFTER doing some soul searching late last night the Irish electorate has informed Fine Gael and all negotiating Independent TDs that despite their efforts at forming a minority government, the public is going to go with another election.

“Don’t get us wrong, we know a few of them put a good bit of work into this, but you know, that minority government shite will be as about as successful as an ice cube in an oven,” shared voter Paul Quinlain.

After extensive negotiations Enda Kenny is expected to lead a new minority government, but if the electorate are listened to, an occurrence which has never happened before in Irish politics, a move toward a second election will be made.

“Oh, I know some TDs are fierce proud of all the negotiating, but we’ll have another election thanks,” offered another member of the public Jess Harper.

“Like, if we’re all being honest here what a fucking mess. A lot has changed since the election, like our opinion on almost all TDs, I’d like another crack at this”.

The electorate has put on record its thanks to all TDs involved in trying to form a government in recent months, but the 2.5 million strong group of eligible voters are set to continue with their plans for a second election.