American Student Wondering If Shooting Incident Will Be On End Of Year Exam


A US teenager currently hiding under his school desk as a man armed with an assault rifle moves from classroom to classroom spraying bullets everywhere is wondering if he should take notes in case this will be part of his exams at the end of the year.

Ryan Harris, 16, was sitting through History when the shooting began, causing the whole school to go into its pre-prepared ‘active shooter’ drill, which are as mandatory as mathematics in American schools these days.

With mass-shootings still as popular in America as ever, Harris has opted to err on the side of caution and take notes as the shooting continues, just so he can be prepared for any questions that he might be asked if he makes it to his summer exams.

“I made the mistake last year of not paying attention to what happened in class, and then there were questions about it on my final paper,” said Ryan, hoping not to become the latest US citizen to die at the barrel of a legally-held firearm.

“So I’m taking note of everything. The time this happened, how our teacher went out to the hall to plead for our lives, how the girl across from me is sobbing, how my pal has wet himself. I’ll be ready to ace this test, if I don’t get shot in the head in the next five minutes”.

Police at the scene have yet to determine the motive of the shooter, and have stated that they will be treating this as the work of a troubled individual or an act of terrorism, adding that they’ll “have to get a look at him” before they know.