Dalkey Cat Leaves Carcass Of Artisan Sandwich Outside Owners Back Door


A LOCAL Dalkey cat has left a gift at the back door of its owners home as is custom with weirdo cats, WWN has learned.

Foregoing the more traditional fare of rats, mice and small birds, Aristotle Beckett III has chosen to gift his owners Orna and Gavan Hingley-Grogan a more expensive and delicate feast.

After some expert stalking, it is believed Beckett II pounced on an expertly made €24 hand crafted sandwich filled with pheasant, Ballymaloe relish, the tears of the poor, hand picked rocket leaves and 57 varieties of cheese.

“I know in their biological nature to leave fresh prey with us, but the bread was a little stale if I’m being honest, I know it was imported from France this morning but still,” Orna Hingley-Grogan told WWN.

“It’s not a patch on that crab salad he brought back last week,” added Gavan Hingley-Grogan.

Beckett for his part, has taken issue with his owners eating habits.

“Nothing is good enough for those pricks, brought them a mouse all the way from Killiney last month and they had a face on them like it was a Northsider of something”.