Carlow Man Uses Tattoo To Display Proud Maori Heritage


ONE man is to commemorate his hitherto-unheard of Maori heritage in a fearsome full-sleeve tribal tattoo, guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of rival tribes surrounding his native town of Carlow.

Colm McCahill, 27, opted to honour his Maori ancestors with the hugely personal €789 pattern, which he conveniently found while flicking through a book of laminated designs in his local tattoo parlour.

Tribal tattoos, the mark of a warrior in many cultures, have been popular among white middle-aged men in Western Europe for many decades, and represent the struggles these men go through from day to day, such as not being as cool as they’d like, and trying to look like a hard bastard on a 24/7 basis.

Although not much is known about the apparent tribe of New Zealand warriors in central Carlow, McCahill’s dedication to etching their markings on his body for life suggest that the community is both strong, and proud.

“Check it out, it’s like what The Rock has,” said McCahill, a plumber.

“Big swirls and then sharp bits and a face on my shoulder, like the sun. Most Maori warrior lads have them, as well as all these lads that I go drinking with at the weekend. It was either get this or get like skulls and trees and shit like that all down my arm. I didn’t really care to be honest, I just wanted something cool looking for when I’m strolling round town with my top off in the summer”.

While communing with the ancient spirits of Maori tribal leaders, WWN discovered that they believe McCahill to be ‘a bit of a sap’.