Vogue Williams To Also Smoke Banana Skins


VOGUE Williams has revealed she will also smoke banana skins as well as ingesting a hallucinogenic drug live on camera for a new RTE documentary.

Speaking to WWN this after-evening, Ms. Williams, real name Mike Roche, said she will dry out the banana skins first, before rolling them up and smoking them in “a joint”, in the first of four episodes of her new TV show, Vogue Williams On The Edge.

“I was going to try poppers, but my producer said smoking banana skins was the best way forward, and then work my way up,” she said, all by herself. “I’ve tried sniffing tippex in school, but I didn’t like the smell”.

Vogue (30) told the Monday World that she will take LSD or a similar lawfully obtained substance under medical supervision in a bid to prove to the world how deadly she is.

“I was an absolute lunatic!” she insisted, “Sure, I went out one night and ended up so drunk that I ended up losing my phone! Like, who does that?”

The crazy so-and-so is expected to cover an array of topical issues throughout the other three shows, which will feature transgender people, trolls on social media, and body dysmorphia, all broadcast live from the RTE canteen.