International Banking Community Delighted To See Iceland In The Shit


THE international banking community have just composed themselves after two straight days of rolling around laughing, following the emergence of claims of corruption and tax irregularities emerging from Iceland.

Iceland made headlines in 2008 and 2009 by being one of the few countries who, faced with economic collapse, chose to burn bondholders and let their banks collapse rather than accept a bailout that would be repaid by their taxpayers.

The tiny island nation was held up as being the “poster child” for battling oppression from global banks, with a rallying cry of “look at how Iceland did it” ringing out at anti-austerity protests in countries such as Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

However, Iceland returned to the headlines this week following the leaking of the “Panama Papers”, which alleged that prime minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson and his wife had an offshore firm in the British Virgin Islands to shield investments worth millions.

The revelations caused Gunnlaugsson to step aside from his post, while Icelanders took to the streets in their thousands to protest as chief figures in global banking pissed themselves laughing.

“Well, look at goody two-shoes Iceland now,” cackled Braun Koegmann, chief spokesperson for the IMF.

“‘Look at us, we’re Iceland, we burn bondholders, we’re so much better than you all’… yeah, right! Just as crooked as the rest of us. Protests and riots on the streets, just like everywhere else. Classic. Fucking delighted, so we are”.

The IMF went on to state that Gunnlaugsson might not be so quick to turn down a few quid this time, now that he was “hip-deep in the shit”.