5 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your NutriBullet


LIKE 90% of the population, you may have found yourself on the receiving end of a NutriBullet at point blank range this Christmas; the high-powered juicer was one of the must-have items on gift lists across the country.

New Year’s resolutions have come and gone, and many people have let their NutriBullet slide out of use. Look at it there, sitting unused in your kitchen press beside your slow cooker and your George Foreman.

But wait, don’t throw it out just yet! You may have grown tired of the smoothies and the juices, but all you need is a few new tips and recipes to make your NutriBullet as essential as ever! Here’s 5 amazing things you can do right now!

1) Give it to someone

Your mam, or maybe your cousin. Anyone at all really. Keep an ear out for family members who express an interest in getting a NutriBullet, and then swoop in and offer them yours. You can always lie to yourself that you’ll get it back someday down the line.

2) Take it in to work

Not only does bringing your NutriBullet in to work allow you to kid yourself that you’ll actually start using it, it also allows you to offer the use of it to your co-workers. They’ll all think you’re sound, and you can continue eating Jambons 5 times a day. Better again, they’ll keep it clean for you!

3) Stick it on Done Deal.

There’s thousands of these things on Done Deal at the minute, so you’ll probably only get a tenner for it. Still, that’s ten quid, right in your pocket. Would you pass ten euro lying on the street? Course you wouldn’t.

4) Bacon chicken cheese sambos

The NutriBullet is sold as a healthy eating tool, but not exclusively so. If you’re inventive, you can make some seriously unhealthy grub For this you’ll need:

1 southern fried chicken breast from the hot food counter
3 cooked rashers
1 good handful of cheese

Throw the whole lot in the NutriBullet with a huge dollop of mayo and blitz the lot; you’ve now got a delicious filling for the calorific sandwich of your dreams.

5) Open it up and see how it works

Always a good way to pass an hour.