What The Discovery Of Gravitational Waves Means For Your Facebook Feed


ALTHOUGH the significance of the discovery of Gravitational Waves™ by scientists™ is not to be understated, the real impact of these new findings into the make-up of our universe is how they will shape the social media timelines of everyone on the planet.

Mere days since the news broke that gravitational waves had been detected for the first time, Facebook newsfeeds have already begun to be clogged by posts from people who had never heard of such things, and still have no clue as to what they are.

The sharing of posts from pages such as “I Fucking Love Science” by people who do not fucking love science has soared since the discovery of gravitational waves, with many experts believing that newsfeeds and timelines will contain updates about the phenomenon for at least two more days.

“We’re seeing a strong ripple effect front the initial announcement in science journals, all the way out to the Facebook feeds of a dunce 14-year-old who is failing every Science class in school,” said Dr. Ravaheem Mc Mullen, science boss.

“We’re expecting the full ramifications of this discovery to become apparent over the next day or so, as everyone else with a Facebook or Twitter account shares it, in order to make themselves look smart. This is followed by people who will create memes and funny posts about the discovery, and then we’ll have a fading process as everyone forgets about it, as they move on to the next fad”.

100 years after Einstein theorised the existence of gravitational waves, their discovery is set to be heralded on social media for three to four days tops before people start talking about a dog on a skateboard or something.