Couple Afraid To Admit They Don’t Like New Netflix Show


A DUBLIN based couple is said to be living in fear of informing friends that they aren’t big fans of the latest Netflix show recommended to them, so much so, that they are planning to cut off all ties with them to avoid criticism.

Stephen Kelly and Jane Hickey had set aside yesterday evening to gorge on every episode on the much buzzed about show on Netflix, The One Legged Man Who Cared, an intriguing show, which had been called “basically the new The Wire” by over 70 of their closest friends.

“Look, it’s just better if we never talk to any of them again, they’re Netflix Nazis, you don’t like the show? Well then, that’s a 50 minute lecture on why you should fucking love the show and how you’re a horrible person, I’m not going through that anymore,” Stephen said, while disposing of his phone in the bin, vowing never to interact with those individuals that recommended the show.

Stephen began packing away all of his belongings, along with his passport, in the hope that a new life in a far away country would save the couple from the intense criticism that comes with not loving whatever people are loving on Netflix these days.

“Shit, shit, shit, it’s Grainne, she’s just texted ‘well, what do you think, it’s class isn’t it?'” Jane said, visibly panicking. “I don’t get it, he’s like a detective, but he’s like a drug baron, and maybe he’s his partner’s dad, there’s too much going on and there’s the one leg. What if we just told them we loved it,” Jane added, now grabbing her boyfriend by his hoodie, her eyes filled with terror.

Sensing that they were struggling to formulate a cohesive plan, Stephen suggested that they pause for thought, allowing themselves to formulate a watertight excuse.

“What if I say you died, so basically, we can’t watch it,” Stephen explained, pacing the floor incessantly.

“Fuck it, flights to Australia here for like a few hundred, we’ll just leave, you were right, it’s easier,” concluded Jane as began looking for her passport.