Man Shares Fond, Recently Googled Memory Of Terry Wogan


THE broadcasting world and the general public have rushed to honour the memory of beloved TV and radio presenter Terry Wogan, after he passed away following a short illness.

Not wanting to miss out on the genuine outpouring of love, warmth and grief for an individual who so defined many people’s fondest radio and TV memories, Waterford native James Curley rushed to Google to find some form of manufactured memory which he could pass off as his own.

“I seen some lad get about 50 likes for just ‘RIP Terry’, so the opportunity is too good to pass up really,” Curley said as he typed Wogan’s name incorrectly into Google, bringing up several Youtube video results.

“Oh, he did Children in Need? Cool, I can work with that,” he confirmed to himself, hoping the sourcing of a funny clip wouldn’t take too long, as traditionally the rush to like and share posts relating to a newly deceased person in the public eye greatly diminishes hour after hour.

Settling on a brief but funny clip of an interview with George Best, Curley agonised over what text would feature above the video on his Facebook feed before the 21-year-old wrote ‘Irish legend, remember watching this live back in the day’.