6-Year-Old Who Said “Fuck” Must Have Learned It At School, Claim Parents


THE parents of a young Waterford boy who exclaimed “ah, what the fuck” while watching an episode of Paw Patrol have today confirmed the potty-mouthed tyke must have heard the expletive used by someone at school.

Seanie Mahon, 6, became overly invested in the canine adventures during his half hour of TV time last night, and uttered the f-word after one of the pups failed to rescue a chicken from the top of a barn.

This was met with horror by his parents Sheila and Keith, who made the son go to bed without watching the end of his cartoon. With Seanie left to ponder the error of his ways, his parents held a press conference to confirm that they had looked at all the available evidence and surmised that their son probably used the curse word after hearing it from someone at school.

“We managed six whole years without him hearing a single swear word,” said Sheila, who intends to press charges.

“I’ve never said it while chatting to my friends, my husband has never yelled it while driving, it’s never been said on the TV while Seanie is in the room, he hasn’t heard it from his grandparents or any of our relatives… the only logical conclusion is that he heard it from some little cunt at school”.

Meanwhile, parents who wish their kids not to swear have been advised to never laugh or smile if their kid says fuck or shit or titties or arsehole, even if it is the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.