Reader Offer: We Have This Week’s Winning Lotto Numbers To Give Away


HERE at WWN we never hesitate in offering our readers with the best offers and prizes going, and today is no different as we present one lucky reader with the chance to get this week’s winning lotto numbers.

This unique and one of a kind giveaway could very well change someone’s life forever, and if you ignore all the statistics about how winning the lotto actually ruins people’s lives, it could even change their life for the better.

Read the question posed below and simply answer it on our comments to be in with a chance of getting the numbers for Wendesday’s €12 million jackpot bonanza:

Question: Be honest, you wouldn’t give a fucking penny to charity, would you, you lying shite?

The winner will be announced Thursday morning and will be immediately sent the jackpot winning numbers, best of luck to everyone entering.