Record Shops Just Gonna Increase Price Of David Bowie Albums For A Bit


FOLLOWING the sudden passing of music icon David Bowie, record outlets across the country are to honour the groundbreaking genius by upping the price of Bowie’s back-catalogue for the next week or so.

Staff at the nine remaining record shops in the country were called into work early this morning following the breaking news of the 69-year-old’s death, which came after an 18 month battle with cancer.

Employees were handed pricing guns and black markers and ordered to add at least 40% onto the price of anything Bowie related, from t-shirts to posters, DVDs and albums.

Management at the record shops were quick to state that the price-increase would only last for a short while, to capitalise on the increased demand which follows an artist’s death.

“We’re really looking at targeting the bandwagon crowd here,” said Ian Hanlon, owner and operator of Hanlon records.

“There’s going to be a huge surge in people claiming to have always been a Bowie fan, and they’ll just come charging through the door to buy ‘The Best Of David Bowie’. So we’re going to make a few extra quid while we can. Don’t judge us, we haven’t sold an actual CD in nearly four years”.

In other Bowie news, thousands of people have commented online that they have “no words” about the death of the icon, despite being seemingly unable to talk about anything else.