Parents Asked A Second Time By Birth Registrar If They Want To Call Daughter ‘Crystal’


A CONFUSED birth registrar at the Dublin office of the Civil Registration Service is attempting to make entirely sure new parents, David and Sarah O’Brien want to call their daughter ‘Crystal’.

“They’re just saying it with such a straight face, that I was looking at for the hidden cameras, because I was thinking this has got to be a joke,” explained registrar Angela Hegarty to WWN.

Despite Miss Hegarty’s concerns, both David and Sarah were able to confirm to the registrar that they were aware of the existence of names such as ‘Emma’, ‘Jennifer’, ‘Laura’, ‘Siobhan’ and if they were feeling dangerous ‘Ailbhe’.

“It’s just because once I type it up and that, that’s it done. No going back, she’s a ‘Crystal’ for life,” Miss Hegarty said with extreme seriousness to the married couple, both 27.

Scanning their faces for even the slightest hint that the parents were about burst into uncontrollable giggles as their prank was uncovered, Miss Hegarty slowly began writing out the letter ‘C’ making sure to take as long as possible in the hope that there would be a change of mind.

“You know we had a Tarquin registered last week, that’s a silly name, isn’t it, God, I’d say no parents would want a silly name for their child would they?” Angela ventured in a last ditch attempt to scupper the Crystal confirmation.

While both David and Sarah appreciated all the help Angela was giving them, David confirmed Crystal was a name they were sticking with as the proud father had already got 8 Crystal tattoos on his buttocks.