Central Bank To Release Commemorative Coin Depicting The 2008 Bank Guarantee


THE Central Bank has confirmed the imminent minting of a special two euro coin which will commemorate the 2008 Bank Guarantee.

Designed by Dublin artist Richard Head, the coin artfully depicts the panic and uncertainty of that faithful night nearly 7 years ago.

“We think it’s only right that we acknowledge such a large piece of Irish history,” Central Bank spokesperson Una Brophy told WWN, but went on to deny accusations of commemorating absolutely every figure and occasion from Irish history.

“That accusation is one we refute absolutely, and no it was a choice between this and the time Kanye West and Kim Kardashian visited Ireland… we minted that one last week,” Brophy added.

The Bank Guarantee coin is said to contain the image of then Taoiseach Brian Cowen on the phone, with a speech bubble containing the words ‘Shit, we’re fucked’ above his mouth.

“The Central Bank will have a Superman ‘s’ on the outside of it. Don’t worry, there will be flames in there too from Leinster House, and babies being sacrificed to the Germans. Basically, what I’m saying is it’ll be subtle, but moving,” artist Head told WWN earlier today.

Despite concerns from the public, the coin, which has been limited to just 500 coins came in under budget at 70 million euro.

The coin is available to the public from the 29th of September.